Idaho high school seniors will see their personalized Direct Admissions letters arriving in their home mailboxes later this week.  For those who can’t wait, there is an online option available on the State Board of Education’s Next Steps Idaho website where seniors can download their letter right away.

“Even though the Direct Admissions letters on are the way, we know that many students are really anxious to see what the results are,” said Byron Yankey, the State Board’s college and career program manager. “They just need to go to the Apply Idaho app at, create an account, and then they can view or print their personalized Direct Admissions letter right now.  Or they can wait until the letters start to arrive in mailboxes on Friday.”


The Direct Admissions letter automatically pre-qualifies a high school senior to attend either six, or all eight of Idaho’s public colleges and universities – based on their academic performance in high school. Students who want to take of advantage of their Direct Admissions status MUST complete an admissions application to the institution of their choice by June 30, 2022. Applications are free when students use Apply Idaho. While students can apply to up to 10 institutions at the same time via Apply Idaho, the State Board encourages students to seriously consider the environment and community that will best help them succeed during the next step of their education.

“Every Idaho college offers something different,” Yankey said. “Doing a little research and talking through the pros and cons of each option, especially with a family member or a trusted teacher, can make a huge difference in the trajectory of a student’s life and their career.”

On October 1, Apply Idaho officially opens for Idaho high school seniors to submit their free application(s).

Over 22,500 seniors will receive a Direct Admissions letter.

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