The 36th annual Mini-Cassia CROP Hunger Walk will be held on Saturday, September 12th, at Riverside Park in Heyburn. Registration for the walk will begin near the Chamber of Commerce Building at 10:15 a.m., with the walk itself beginning at 10:30 a.m. Even though this is an outdoor event, we encourage everyone to follow social distancing guidelines recommended for the COVID-19 pandemic. Snacks “to go” will be provided following the walk.

CROP is an acronym for Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty and is inter-denominational. About 20 different churches and LDS Stakes have participated in the walk in the past, with ¼ of donations staying in the Mini-Cassia area. This year, those chosen to receive the local donations include the St. Nicholas Catholic Food Bank, the Rupert First Methodist Food Bank, the Mountain View Christian Center Food Pantry, and the Minidoka and Cassia County Senior Centers for their Meals on Wheels programs. The other ¾ of donations goes to hunger and disaster relief nationally and internationally.

The Mini-Cassia CROP Hunger Walk is inter-generational, with participants ranging in age from babies in backpacks and toddlers in strollers, to senior citizens with canes and walkers. Teens have oftentimes used participation in the walk as service projects for schools and clubs. A theme of the walk is “we walk because they walk”, meaning those who walk for miles to get water, health care, and education for their families. If you have concerns about participating in the group activity, why not set your own course and/or time to show your support?

For more information or for sponsor envelops, contact co-chairs Colleen Parkin (208-431-0569) or Barbara Ward (208-678-4490) or one of the steering committee members, Brenda Bailey, Rita Ramsey, Tammy Young, Mary Zarybnisky, or Tom Clayville. To donate online, you can go to

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