Jack and Mary Zarybnisky would like to thank the Mini-Cassia area for their support the last 38 years helping with the freewill giving Thanksgiving Dinner.

This project started 38 years ago by helping serve dinner at the Wild Flower Café in Burley. That year a total of 10 dinners were served – 5 which were college students from Boise State University whose car had broken down as they were heading home to Utah. After the Wild Flower Café closed, the dinner moved to Charlie’s Café and with the help of Jose Ochoa the dinners proceeded to advance to just a little over 2,000 meals, many which were home deliveries. The home deliveries were delivered by about 350 individuals who took time from their own Thanksgiving Day to go in pairs and deliver meals to shut-ins. The dinners have also included the giving away of free clothing, blankets, coats and other items.

One Thanksgiving Day morning it snowed about 4 inches but Advantage One Reality plowed the driveway and parking lot so the giveaway was still possible that year. Keystone Reality loaned the group a covered truck so everything could remain dry while it was delivered. Jose Ochoa found several large heaters and a large tarp to cover the patio so it would stay warm.

For the past several years the Thanksgiving dinner and giveaway has been held at the Golden Heritage Senior Center. The meal was changed to the day before Thanksgiving in the afternoon. The Tuesday before the dinner there was always a can-opening, potato-peeling, and sorting-clothing ‘party’. Dehydrated potatoes were never used which allowed more volunteers to help by peeling potatoes. Groups of volunteers were also able to open small cans of green beans and cranberries.

This event could not have happened without the help of this community which is so caring and sharing. We would like to thank the MANY individuals who have volunteered over the years to make this event such a success.

Due to health concerns, the Zarybniskys are looking for another couple or group to organize and run this event. They would be willing, with the permission of everyone concerned, to advise this new couple or group on how they have set up this “organized chaos”.

Who is ready to step up and run this program? Call Jack if you have questions or if you want to step up and lead – 208-219-1040.

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