Former Director Sentenced for Grand Theft

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden has announced an Ada County man was sentenced Friday, July 10, for grand theft

55-year-old Stuart O. Davis, of Eagle, pleaded guilty to one count in May. The plea came after an investigation by the Office of the Attorney General revealed Davis had embezzled more than $57,000 while serving as executive director of the Idaho Association of Highway Districts (IAHD). A grand jury indicted Davis on seven counts of grand theft in August 2018.

Davis will spend 120 days in jail. Fourth District Court Judge Jason Scott also ordered and then suspended a five-year prison sentence in lieu of five years probation. The defendant will serve 100 hours of community service and pay $30,000 in restitution to IAHD’s insurance provider. Davis has already paid IAHD $16,798 in restitution. The sentence also includes additional 30 days of discretionary jail time.

Investigators discovered over several years Davis:

* made more than $20,000 in unauthorized electronic fund transfers from IAHD’s bank account to his personal bank account so he could fund his lifestyle;

* spent more than $15,000 in membership dues and unauthorized meals at the Arid Club;

* spent more than $9,000 in unauthorized expenses at Jetstream Aviation to fund his flying hobby;

* gave more than $7,000 in unauthorized bonuses to himself and an assistant;

* spent more than $4,000 in unauthorized satellite television service for his office;

* spent more than $2,000 in unauthorized expenses for an office surround sound system; and

* spent an undisclosed amount on unauthorized Apple iPhones, iPads and Macbooks.

Deputy Attorney General David Morse in the Attorney General’s Special Prosecutions Unit prosecuted the case.

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