After twenty-six years in education, Raft River Elementary Principal Tina Loock will retire following a long teaching career and five years as principal. A former mayor, Mrs. Loock looks back on her teaching and community experience with joy saying “education has never felt like work. I love students.”  She has appreciated the hard work and dedication of parents, students, teachers, paras, and staff. As Loock transitions out of the school setting, she leaves a legacy and strong sentiments by saying, “my heart and memories will always belong to Raft River Elementary.”

The district recognizes and honors her efforts for students and their success.

Raft River High School principal, Eric Boden, will fill the administration position at the elementary as an interim assignment. Mr. Boden is a twenty-year educator with eight years as a special education teacher. He has been the administrator at RRHS for seven years.

Boden comments that he is “looking forward to working with the wonderful and qualified teachers and staff at both schools”. He also extends an invitation by asking, “for patience as we dive in to make a difference in the lives of all students, K-12, at Raft River schools.”

Superintendent, Jim Shank, commended Loock. “We will miss Mrs. Loock. She has had a wonderful career and we wish her all the best. In addition, Mr. Boden is an outstanding principal with great experience. I have every confidence that he will do a great job.”

Dr. Shank indicated that much of the reason for this decision is due to financial circumstances. After Governor Little’s 1% public education funding hold back announced last month and the projected 5% reduction in general fund revenues next year, it becomes necessary, at least for a time, to operate in as lean a fashion as we can. “I very much appreciate Mr. Boden and his graceful acceptance of the interim position.”

Raft River Schools are located in Malta and serve a total of 380 students.

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