Every year in September there are messages on the media about suicide prevention because September is Suicide Prevention Month.  The bottom line question is: “Can suicide be prevented in our community?”  The answer is: “Yes, but it requires the commitment of everyone to prevent suicides.”

The Mini-Cassia Veterans’ Service Office is fully supporting the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Theme for this year that if we really wish to prevent suicides, we have to take action not just talk about it.  The message for this year is: #BeThe1To. 

#BeThe1To Save a Life by learning and practicing the five steps the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has found to be useful in preventing suicide.

  • BeThe1To Ask.  If a friend, family member, or co-worker show signs of becoming suicidal, ask the hard question: “Are you thinking of killing yourself?” Many people are afraid to ask this question because they fear it will put the idea into the person’s mind; however, studies have shown people who are contemplating suicide feel relief when someone asks them this question and allow them to express this dark secret they have been carrying around.
  • BeThe1To Be There.  Listen to the person without judgment and with compassion and empathy. The act of talking to someone about what is troubling them actuals gives the individual hope and makes them feel less suicidal.
  • BeThe1To Keep Them Safe.  Remove any lethal means by which they could kill themselves.  Studies have shown this measure helps reduce suicide rates overall.
  • BeThe1To Help Them Stay Connected.  Putting the individual in touch with counselors, clergymen, or other support systems will help the person take positive action to move towards hope.  The Suicide Hotline could help connect individuals with needed help.  This number is 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
  • BeThe1To Follow-Up.  Check in frequently with the individual to let him know you care and are there to listen to him.  Studies have shown that when individuals have someone checking on their well-being frequently they also are less likely to commit suicide. 

The Mini-Cassia Veterans’ Service office will host their 4th Annual Suicide Prevention Day on September 23rd at 10 am to 4 pm at the office located at 623 Fremont Avenue in Rupert.  This will be for anyone who wants to be a hero and save a life.  Suicide Prevention resources and handouts will be available as well as light refreshments.  Please plan on stopping by and taking advantage of these resources.  For questions, call Chuck Driscoll at (208) 678-3599.

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