Fallen Tree

With the arrival of fall weather, Idaho Power offers these important reminders to help customers remain safe and prepared for outages. Idaho Power keeps the lights on 99.96% of the time, but weather-related outages can last longer.

  • Sign up to receive alerts of outages at your residence through your Idaho Power My Account.
  • Maintain both home and car emergency kits with water and other essentials. For a full list of items to include in your kit, visit idahopower.com/outagetips.
  • Keep a block of ice in your freezer in case the power goes out, and if it does, keep your refrigerator/freezer doors closed to keep cold air where it’s needed most.

If your power goes out:

  • Check our online Outage Map or call 1-800-488-6151 to view or report outages.
  • To protect your appliances, turn off any that were in use when the power went out —especially electric ranges and space heaters — to prevent the possibility of a fire if you’re away when power is restored.
  • Only use generators in well-ventilated areas, and make sure the total electric load on your generator won’t exceed the generator’s rating. Never attempt to connect a portable generator to house wiring or plug it into an outlet.

Stay clear of downed power lines:

Falling trees, high winds and car accidents can occasionally knock power lines to the ground. Always assume any downed line is energized and dangerous. Stay clear, keep others away and immediately call 911

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