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Spring is here, and hatchery staff have ramped up fish stocking around the state, with trout bound for water bodies in each of Fish and Game's seven regions.  About 213,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout will be stocked throughout Idaho during April, more than three times as many as they stocked in March.

With so many fish stocked in so many places, it can be hard for anglers to sift through the stocking forecasts and records to identify noteworthy stocking events. To make it easier, we asked Fish and Game hatchery staff to highlight some stocking events for the month of April:

Southwest Region (Nampa)

Arrowrock Reservoir – 9,000 rainbow trout. This reservoir offers a wide range of fishing opportunity. Fast growing kokanee and rainbow trout are targeted by most anglers. However, other anglers choose to target smallmouth bass or yellow perch. Be sure to properly identify trout species as bull trout utilize the reservoir.

Crane Falls Reservoir – 1,200 rainbow trout. Located alongside the Snake River in the sagebrush south of Mountain Home, this lake is best fished from small boats and float craft, though several fishing docks are available.

Lucky Peak Reservoir – 6,775 rainbow trout. This reservoir is well-known for quality kokanee and rainbow trout fishing. In addition, some anglers choose to focus on smallmouth bass. The reservoir can be accessed at several well-developed sites.

Mann Creek Reservoir – 2,400 rainbow trout. This reservoir provides a diverse fishery where anglers can target crappie, largemouth bass and rainbow trout.

Magic Valley Region

Camas Kids Pond – 1,500 rainbow trout. This is a small, scenic pond near Fairfield. The Centennial Marsh and Camas Prairie Wildlife Management Area are nearby and provide great bird watching opportunities.

Dierkes Lake – 2,500 rainbow trout. Conveniently located inside Shoshone Falls Park near Twin Falls, this scenic county park also features hiking, fishing docks, and picnic areas. Dierkes Lake is where thousands of kids have caught their first fish! Check out this video.

Magic Reservoir – 7,500 rainbow trout. A popular, diverse fishery with plenty of shoreline access, this reservoir is perfect for young anglers.

Mormon Reservoir – 6,000 rainbow trout. Located near Fairfield, efforts by Fish and Game staff and other agencies continue to improve fishing, water quality and access.

Oakley Reservoir – 10,000 rainbow trout. Located south of Burley, this is a great place to recreate. Fishing opportunity includes perch, rainbow trout and walleye.

Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir – 18,000 rainbow trout. A short drive south of Twin Falls, this large reservoir in Idaho's high desert provides tons of fishing options with boat ramps and long shorelines. You can help maintain the natural beauty of this unique area by driving on existing roads when they are dry.

Southeast Region

Chesterfield Reservoir – 19,200 rainbow trout. Known for BIG fish, this reservoir in Caribou County is a popular spot to plan a great fishing trip!

Crowthers Reservoir – 2,200 rainbow trout. Tucked away on the northern edge of Malad City, this reservoir provides a nice local fishing spot.

Edson Fichter Pond – 950 rainbow trout. This community pond is located in southwestern Pocatello along the Portneuf River at Edson Fichter Nature Area. It features several docks and a trail for access around the pond. Limited development and the Nature Area provide a rural feel. Just minutes from downtown Pocatello, this site offers local anglers a convenient escape close to home.

Hawkins Reservoir – 1,680 rainbow trout. Located near Downey, this reservoir provides good trout fishing opportunities for Yellowstone cutthroat trout, rainbows and cutbows.

Jensens Grove Pond – 4,500 rainbow trout. This 55-acre pond is located within Jensens Grove City Park along the Greenbelt in the heart of Blackfoot. Park activities and facilities nearby also include a skate park, playground, restrooms and picnic areas.

Upper Snake Region

Becker Pond – 2,000 rainbow trout. This pond in Idaho Falls is located off Sunnyside Road. Catch rates are awesome and it’s a great place for new anglers or kids to try their hand at fishing.

Rexburg City Ponds – 1,200 rainbow trout. These ponds are located within Rexburg's 15-acre Nature Park and offer an enjoyable fishing atmosphere. The park has walking paths, a skate park, and picnic areas in a tranquil environment away from traffic.

Snake River – 2,400 rainbow trout. These fish will be stocked at John’s Hole and South Tourist Park.

Salmon Region

Hayden Creek Pond – 1,200 rainbow trout. This is a family friendly fishing area in the high desert along Hayden Creek. Anglers will find ample bank fishing opportunities and a dock for anglers with limited mobility.

Hyde Creek Pond – 200 rainbow trout. This small irrigation pond is surrounded by sagebrush. The open site and level terrain provide ideal bank fishing for beginning anglers and those who want to practice casting techniques.

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