Enjoy Valentine's Day When The Babysitter's Busy

Come Valentine's Day, couples are anxious to enjoy time spent with the one they love - whether it involves a dinner at a restaurant or a few hours of uninterrupted conversation at home. Parents who rely on babysitters and caregivers to tend to children while they get a night out may find that their sitters are also celebrating on Valentine's Day. This leaves parents of children of all ages potentially wondering how to celebrate with kids in tow. Here are some ideas to get started.

Breakfast celebration

Who says Valentine's Day love and affection is restricted to the evening? Make use of your time by tinkering with the schedule so that you can enjoy one-on-one moments in the morning or afternoon while children are in school or at daycare. Enjoy a couple's breakfast or brunch, followed by a massage.

Meet for lunch

If you can't spare a day off from work, make a point to meet for lunch at a place halfway between your offices. This is yet another kid-free opportunity to enjoy meaningful conversation and time spent as a couple.

Let the kids help

Enlist the kids to give you the night off from dinner, or have them select the perfect take-out menu for a Valentine's Day dinner. Children do not always have the opportunity to give back to their parents, and on February 14 they can step up their game. Move up bed times a little so the kids are tucked in early enough to allow you to cuddle on the couch.

Catch up on family time

Children are a shining example of their parents' love for one another. Use Valentine's Day as an opportunity to skip other obligations, including extracurricular activities, and have a family day. Watch a movie together and enjoy a picnic.

On Valentine's Day, there are many workarounds if the babysitter is unavailable.

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