Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) has provided a grant for each high school in the state of Idaho to provide Mimic Personal Finance simulation and curriculum free for five years.

ICCU’s generous commitment will give high school students all over the state the opportunity to acquire personal financial skills using state-of-the-art technology and decision-learning theory. Participating high schools will also have the opportunity to have ICCU visit their school once a year to receive hands-on financial training.

ICCU CEO, Kent Oram, said, “At ICCU, we know that the earlier we can help our members learn how to improve their financial situation, the better. That’s why, when we had the opportunity to provide financial literacy to high school students in an engaging new way, we moved on it. Our five-year commitment will support offering this software to every high school in Idaho at no cost to the school.”

ICCU’s mission is to help members achieve financial success. Mimic Personal Finance gives educators the opportunity to teach their students how to achieve financial success. ICCU partnered with Idaho Falls based Stukent, because the two company missions are aligned and ICCU had the vision to bring financial literacy to all Idaho high school students.

Only a few states have made personal finance courses a graduation requirement in their high schools. While Idaho offers personal finance as a unit in economics courses, personal finance education is not currently a graduation requirement. ICCU’s partnership with Stukent will help make Idaho a leader in personal finance education.

“We are so excited to announce this partnership with ICCU,” said Stukent founder and CEO, Stuart Draper. “Now, every student in the state of Idaho can learn one of the most critical life skills: money management.”

The Mimic Personal Finance simulation gives students hands-on experience in personal finance and decision-making. It creates an environment where students’ choices dictate the learning experience.

Draper said, “Stukent is leading the way in financial literacy education by providing cutting-edge courseware, and ICCU is leading the way in corporate responsibility by covering the cost.” Stukent courseware has been used by over 1,900 instructors in 57 countries and includes first-in-the-world simulations, continuously updated digital textbooks, and expert mentoring sessions by industry professionals.

To apply for the Mimic Personal Finance grant, visit https://www.stukent.com/iccu/.

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