First Mini-Cassia Baby of 2020

MINI-CASSIA, Idaho – Mini-Cassia’s first baby of 2020 and the decade arrived at Cassia Regional Hospital in Burley at 10:35 a.m.

Evan Gene Martinez-Matsen, son of Tyler Martinez and Paige Leguineche-Martinez, weighed 6 pounds, and was 19 inches long. Three big sisters including four-year-old twins and a two-year-old are excited to welcome their first brother. “He hardly cries, and he smiles a lot,” said his father.

Mom and dad said the birth went smoothly, and both mom and baby are in good health. “Our doctors and the other staff at the hospital have given us wonderful care,” said his father.

Baby Evan was almost three weeks early. “He wasn’t due until the 18 of January, but labor started slowly on New Year’s Eve,” explained mom. So slowly, in fact, she was sent home from the hospital because there weren’t any physical indicators she was in labor. “By early morning I knew I needed to get back to the hospital, and from there things progressed very quickly.”

“It’s always exciting to welcome our first baby of the year,” said Amanda Severe, manager of the Birth Center. “We are a busy birth center, delivering about 600 babies every year, and I’m very proud of our highly skilled caregivers and of the recent addition of neonatal intensive care made available through the advancements of TeleHealth technology that we are able to provide for our community.”

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