Administrator Hired at Raft River Elementary

Melina Ficek [fee-sick] has been selected as the incoming administrator for Raft River Elementary.

After first proposing an interim position at the elementary, the Cassia Board of Trustees was able to move forward on posting the job.

Melina Ficek [fee-sick] has been selected as the incoming administrator for Raft River Elementary. Mrs. Tina Loock retired this year.

An elementary school teacher for nine years, Ficek comes to Cassia from Rock Creek Elementary in Twin Falls. She earned her degrees from the College of Southern Idaho, Idaho State University and the University of Idaho. She chose education after watching a news report cover the teacher shortage in the state. She called the next day to enroll as a student. She remembered what it was like to grow up in a small town and the influence teachers had in her life. Ficek recalled that education had always been in the back of her mind.

Her initial goals at Raft River Elementary will focus on relationships. She wants to be available for staff, parents and students. She wants to work with community members and develop trust with families and teachers. She firmly believes that “the school is the center of the community and education is the tool used to be successful, find happiness and opportunities.”  A first-generation college graduate, Fiscek knows that finding and using personal strengths to accomplish goals is a key for all student success.

Trustee Heber Loughmiller, adds, “I’m excited about the level of elementary experience Mrs. Ficek brings to the position. This experience and her obvious compassion for students and staff will serve her well as the principal and instructional leader.”

Originally from Ontario, Oregon, she and her husband and four children have lived in Idaho for 18 years. She enjoys reading, hiking, exploring the local outdoor areas and camping. Ficsek was hired from a pool of 15 applicants and her contract will begin August 1. Fiscek is excited to move her family closer to Malta.

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