The King Fine Arts Center (KFAC) was opened on March 1, 1999 with a Gala Grand Opening Concert that saw all 1200 seats filled and some 300 people turned away at the door.  Since then, the Center has been host to many performances and activities including the record-setting runs of “Peter Pan” and “The Wizard of Oz” both with over 8000 people in attendance!  The first year of operation saw 90 activities in the center with an attendance of just over 60,000.  On December 11, 2001 the KingFineArtsCenter reached 100,000 in attendance.  With the support of the community, we plan to continue to house the arts for many years to come.

Our ushers act as essential guides to the attendees of the King Fine Arts Center – offering greetings, programs, and important directions.  Ushers at the KFAC are also responsible for managing the use of phones and cameras and directing when guests should enter and exit the theatre – all so as not to disturb the performance.  Our ushers even help ensure the health and safety of the audience during emergency situations.

The Ushers organization, which started as a branch of the Mt. Harrison Heritage Foundation, has offered its valuable services to the KFAC since the Center’s founding.  The group has recently been absorbed by the KingFieArtsCenter itself and will be directly coordinated by KFAC administration.

The King Fine Arts Center is now in search of interested volunteers to join the reborn Ushers organization.  Perks of participation include early access to event tickets, free attendance during volunteer hours, training, and the company of fellow fine arts appreciators.  All interested individuals are invited to contact Ginger Armstrong, KFAC Administrative Assistant, by phone: 208-878-5464 or email: for more information.

Join the King Fine Arts Family!

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