Cassia Announces Teacher Of The Year Award

Cassia School District’s Teacher of the Year, Kasey Heward, was awarded this distinction at the District Back to School Meeting, August 20, 2019.

Mrs. Heward started teaching at West Minico High in the 2005-2006 school year and has been at Declo High School since 2006. She earned her degree from Idaho State University in 2004 and is local Burley High graduate of 2004.

In her speech to district faculty and staff, Mrs. Heward urged educators to put their “mark on every student we teach. What we do matters.”

Later, speaking about the award, she commented that she was “truly surprised as so many are deserving of this; I am also grateful. I owe so much to the guidance of fellow teachers, inspiration of former teachers, and care and understanding of parents and students. All made a positive difference in my teaching career.”

A fourteen year English and Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Heward believes that teachers make a difference for students. “Remember the differences we are making with kids. Remember the real influence. Make connections, even if they are the briefest ones.”

Declo administrator, Roland Bott nominated Heward because she represents everything that is right in education. “She expects greatness from every student and works to see that they reach it. “

Heward shared personal experiences of teachers who impacted her life as a student and the power trusted adults have in students’ lives. Looking forward to the coming school year she is equally excited every year. With new district initiatives to drive student learning, she is looking forward to working with faculty and parents. “I’ve missed my students and am looking forward to seeing them, and I’m looking forward to meeting my new students as well. It’s going to be a great year.”

We congratulate Mrs. Heward on her efforts to support students.

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