Jed Lewis, of Declo, received his Eagle Scout Award this past month after fulfilling all the requirements needed for this honor.

Jed’s best friend passed away in a four wheeler accident on June 22, 2018.  Jared Zollinger and Jed, spent a lot of time playing together in the band, running around and just having fun.

With Jared gone, a hole was left in the hearts of those he left behind, including Jed. Both Jed and Jared were active in the scouting program and aspired to be Eagle Scouts. As Jed looked to find a project, he, along with Jared’s family, decided on creating a memorial by the school’s soccer field. The plans were then drawn up and approved by the Scouting Committee. As the project got underway, many friends of Jared, after finding out about the project, called and asked if they could help serve in remembrance of their friend

Jed had help from many scouting groups, including the Albion troop, and local businesses such as Larson Constructions, Kloepfer Concrete, Teton Trees, Burley Iron Works, and Raft River Sod. Many other friends and family members chipped in including Jared’s family.

At the end of the project the eighth grade class presented the Zollinger family with a book of memories that the classmates compiled, with the help of a parent, and held a balloon release in Jared’s memory.

Looking back, Jed says that he still really misses his best friend, but sometimes he just sits on the benches and remembers how he and Jared laughed and played together.

“Jared would love this place,” Jed says, “and he would want this place to be used. Just take care of it, and it will be here for many others to enjoy.”

And as you sit, remember the smiling, fun loving kid to whom the place is dedicated, Jed states, It will bring him a little closer to us, and let his family know how much we still love him!

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