IDAHO. – Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson issued the following statement in response to House Democrats moving forward on Articles of Impeachment:

 “I have always advocated for the institution of Congress, for our Constitution and what it stands for. When Republicans held the majority, I advocated for the rights of the minority to be heard. I’ve pushed for open rules during consideration of legislation and I’ve always demanded fairness. Today is a dark day for our country. Impeachment is to be used to remove a President for committing a crime, not for political gain, and certainly not to protest election results. My colleagues on the other side of the aisle know this full well, and yet, in an insult to the American people, they persist in their charade. Speaker Pelosi and her caucus have sought the impeachment of President Trump since before he was sworn into office; to them, impeachment is a forgone conclusion. Thankfully, President Trump’s efforts have safeguarded the economy despite Democrats’ relentless tactics, but one can’t help but imagine where we would be if Congress could work on the real issues our country faces: immigration, trade, and funding the government to name a few. We have real work to do and this madness should come to an end.”

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Rep. Simpson's statement is regrettable. The evidence is clear that President Trump attempted to use the power of his office to personally benefit himself, and then obstructed the Congressional investigation of this abuse. Numerous Republicans who have formerly served in Congress have admitted as much. Moreover, Simpson's statement that "Speaker Pelosi and her caucus have sought the impeachment of President Trump since before he was sworn into office" is blatantly false. Speaker Pelosi and many members of her caucus had prevented and opposed an impeachment inquiry until the latest Ukraine scandal became evident. While Rep. Simpson's stance and statement may "rally the base," it does little to ensure that future Presidents understand that they are held in check by the Congress and that their actions, when in direct conflict with the well-being of our Republic, will bring repercussions.


The evidence is far from "clear". In fact the complete lack of evidence has caused Pelosi and her gang to make up ludicrous generalized charges like "Abuse of Power". Besides neither article that apparently has just been passed actually accuses the president of breaking a specific law. The campaign slogan of may midterm Dem candidates was to "Impeach the M-----F-----!" *See Rashida "hates America" Tlaib. So yes, the Dems have clearly wanted to impeach Trump since they were completely embarrassed by Hillary's loss in the election. This could be, and should be the self destruction of the Democratic Party for years to come. For America's sake, lets hope so. If you think Trump is packing up and moving out of the White House anytime soon, you are sadly mistaken.

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