The College of Southern Idaho (CSI) Workforce Development & Training Department will be offering scholarships for Veterans. These scholarships are to thank Veterans for their service, provide additional opportunities for them to update their current or future skills, and secure jobs that will take full advantage of the skills they have learned in military and civilian life.

According to the Idaho Department of Labor Economist, there are currently 11,822 veterans residing in the 8 county region that CSI serves. It is a goal of this community that not one single veteran goes unserved or remains underemployed. According to Connie Stopher with Southern Idaho Economic Development, “Magic Valley employers are always looking to recruit, train, and retrain skilled veterans. We offer to connect veteran job seekers and their families to companies that are hiring so that they can start a new rewarding career in the Magic Valley.”

An easy-to-navigate Veteran web page has been created where they can easily apply for a scholarship, find resources to assist in creating their resume, learn about approved on-the-job-training (OJT) and apprenticeship programs, and discover how to use a GI bill.

Whether it is to get to the next level in their career, financial means, resources, or connections to approved employers, the Magic Valley is here for Veterans. The scholarship will be applied towards tuition for a Workforce Training (up to $120) or an Apprenticeship Program (up to $250). To apply or learn more about this and other scholarships, visit or call (208)732-6310.

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