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Washington, D.C. - Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson released the following statement after voting against  impeachment of President Trump.

On November 17, 2019, Rupert Elementary experienced a tragic loss.  Our school and community lost a very special student in a car accident.  This prompted our school and community to come together to create a memorial for all students we have lost from our school.  In remembrance of Jacobo “…

Parents and educators hear a lot about how important it is for our young students to be able to read at an early age.  Studies show that children still struggling to read by the end of the third grade fall further and further behind and many never catch up before they graduate from high school.

Burley Junior High coding students were recognized as the December National Winners in the FBI's online safety program for students across the country. 


Idaho Power keeps the lights on 99.972% of the time, but winter weather can lead to outages. And while the average Idaho Power customer is without power for fewer than two hours a year, storm-related outages can last longer. Idaho Power encourages customers to be prepared and stay safe.