RUPERT – During the Last Supper, Jesus Christ held Christianity’s first Eucharist, or what’s commonly referred to among Christian churches as communion or sacrament.

RUPERT – The Grace Community Church hopes to help fellow Christian churches successfully present worship services via its upcoming Ascend 2014 Ministry Conference.

BURLEY – In the New Testament, Christ repeatedly told his followers to serve the poor and those in need. He never specific what they should do but instead said “As I have loved you, love one another.” How Christ’s followers shared the love was apparently left up to them to decide.

BURLEY – Fellowship proved a really big deal in the New Testament for both Christ and his followers.

BURLEY – In the New Testament’s Book of James, God urges His children to ask for His guidance and to also patiently listen for that guidance to come.

HEYBURN - In the New Testament Jesus repeatedly urged his followers to love one another, to care for the poor, widowed and orphaned. Yet, he never specified how to do that nor did he tell anybody what to wear or what to drive while doing so.

RUPERT – When professional European golfer Reeve Nield toured a Zimbabwe hospital around 1996, she met a 12-year-old girl recovering from cataract surgery following four years of blindness.

OAKLEY – LDS Oakley Second Ward’s Lisa Koziol made local LDS church history on Saturday by winning first place in what may be the first LDS Ladies Pinewood Derby competition.

RUPERT – While Christ’s birth proved a humble one, his Ascension showed his Godly power.

BURLEY – The son of a preacher man now finds himself serving in the same church as his father did while also volunteering as the Mini-Cassia Ministerial Association (MCMA) president.

PAUL – Regardless of individual Christian churches’ theology, the one event that brings them together is the resurrection of Jesus.

RUPERT – Christ’s last week on earth caused for as much pain as it did joy for his followers.

HEYBURN – Following his crucifixion at the hands of Roman guards, Christ’s followers placed him in a tomb belonging to Joseph of Arimathea.

HEYBURN – The Mini-Cassia Community Christian Church wants to help young basketball enthusiasts not only develop their basketball skills but their sportsmanship skills as well.

RUPERT – The phantom lamb makes its annual appearance during this weekend’s St. Nicholas Catholic School’s Basque Dinner.

PAUL – An award winning pianist, lifelong United Methodist and son of a United Methodist minister, who’s sold 700,000 records, plans to entertain at the United Methodist Church this month.

RUPERT - While most Christian music groups stick strictly to singing, the “Keepers of the Faith” quartet spreads God’s word through much more than song.

RUPERT – In an effort to help Christians learn more about their identity as God’s children, the Trinity Lutheran Church plans to host an upcoming seminar called “Who am I? Your Christian Identity.”

RUPERT – Evangelist John Ramirez, who spent his childhood worshiping the devil with his father, later transformed into a devout Christian after attending a worship service with a girlfriend.

RUPERT – For years Rupert Police Officer Terry Quinn watched over Burgers Etc. workers as they left at night. He also checked the business long after employees left to ensure the facility was locked.

BURLEY – Les Misérables is the modern day version of the Bible’s “Book of Romans,” says a minister featured in the play.

BURLEY – Attending a traditional worship service inside a house of worship may initially be intimidating to prospective Christians, but to alleviate a lot of that, the Mt. View Christian Church has a plan.

BURLEY –Food and fellowship often went hand and hand with Christ during his ministry. Scripture repeatedly records events where Jesus fed his followers while also teaching his Gospel.  

BURLEY – Since partially retiring from full time ministry, Zion Lutheran Church Vacancy Pastor Bryon Sunderland has taken up writing. He’s currently working on the rough draft of his book entitled When Depression Darkens My Soul, What Then?

HEYBURN – As Moses led the children of Israel toward the Promised Land of Canaan, those children repeatedly disobeyed God by worshipping false gods, murmuring against God and by committing sexual sin.

RUPERT – As the Minidoka Project grew, devoutly religious people flocked here. To help with their spiritual needs, ministers soon followed, building up churches throughout the burgeoning community.

I was thinking about Christmas this morning. About seemingly silly traditions that accompany this holiday. Moreover, I was thinking that it was wrong to celebrate in some of the ways we do. It was unfair. I was trying to sort in my head all the gifts that still needed to be made and purchase…

RUPERT – During the 1990s, Mike and Sheril Yost just couldn’t find a church they were comfortable with, so, instead of going to a church, they created a small Bible study group.

RUPERT – The Springs Calvary Chapel Church plans to kick off 2014 with the help of Christian county music star Dennis Agajanian.

BURLEY – The day Jesus entered the world was the shortest day of the year causing, in turn, the longest night.

RUPERT – Christ came to save the “least of these”, so perhaps that’s why the main characters in the Christmas story proved the poorest of poor.