This week’s Feature – Burger’s Etc. in Rupert

This week’s restaurant review is about the Burgers Etc. in Rupert, located at 124 South Oneida Street. Though there are two Burger’s Etc. in Mini-Cassia we are only reviewing the Rupert location in this column.

Ambiance: I was delighted by the modest country influence found in everything from the light fixtures to the seating. There is a mix of booths and a combination of chairs and booth seating with some of the tables including cowboy saddles for the kids to sit on. The restaurant is dated but incredibly clean. The color scheme is dated with tile and other painted surfaces coming from the 70’s palate. The restaurant sits facing Oneida Ave and is a good place to watch the traffic as it zooms by.

Seating: As I mentioned above, if you want your kids to feel like a cowboy or cowgirl this is a perfect place to bring them. The saddles are just their size and line up in a row of four so sharing shouldn’t be a problem. I appreciated the cleanliness of the booths and tables and felt like we could have sat at any table without worrying that it didn’t get sanitized before we came.

Noise: Though it sits on a busy Oneida Street, Burger’s Etc. is well insulated from outside noise. There were as many as ten people in the restaurant when we had our lunch but the ambient noise level was quite low.  The bathrooms are separate and were very clean. The dark brown tile running from floor to ceiling suck some of the light out of the room making it a little dingy. Don’t let that put you off because it is otherwise free from any defects.

Service: Burgers Etc. has you place your order at the counter and then they will bring your completed meal out to you after it is ready. Though we weren’t waited on specifically, the woman that brought us our tray took the time to fill the fry sauce cups for us so we wouldn’t have to get back up. Our orders took maybe five minutes to come out from the kitchen. We did notice that the drive-up window did take longer than we would have wanted to wait.

Food: I was favored with a tasty quarter pound hamburger and a side order tater tots while Cheryl had a chicken salad. The lettuce and onions on my hamburger were chopped into small bits making it easier to enjoy. The salad dressing came on the side and was in a sealed packet with plenty of dressing to last through the final bite. Pricing was fair with the entire meal setting us back $17 with the burger costing $4.35 and the salad costing $6.19. The only issue we had with food was the $2.29 price tag on a side order of Tater Tots, making each one cost 14.3 cents The menu is pleasant with many options for the individual looking to fill up with non-fast food dining. Burgers Etc. is really known for their shakes but I was already rushed and didn’t want to spoil the afternoon by rushing through a shake. There will be a next time without question.

They say one of the best ways to see the quality of the food at a restaurant is to see how many locals are patronizing it. Based on that factor alone, this was one really nice place to have a meal. Though never crowded when we were there, the restaurant was busy and that was at 2:20 in the afternoon. I’m sure it is packed closer to lunch. It had been a long time since we last ate at a Burgers Etc. but it wont be long going back.

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