These are my horses wearing Halloween masks!

On the Ranger Trail looking East near the Independence Lakes trailhead.

These photos were taken Nov 16, 2018 by the Snake River across from Freedom Park . on the map it just says Bike start. I think that parking area and park area should have an official name!   

Cache Peak this was taken  November 9th Cache Peak is the highest mountain south of the Snake River in the Albion mountains.

"For my senior project this year I have learned about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, more commonly known as drones. I took this photo last year during my favorite time of the year and with a beautiful background. The air is an amazing place to notice the marvelous valley we have chosen to live in…

The Rupert ice rink is a nice, local spot for some winter fun for all ages. Serving hot chocolate, cider, and more, the rink also has a cheerful atmosphere with lively decorations and music for skaters to enjoy.