Morey’s Steakhouse

There is much to be said about this weeks dining out destination. Morey’s Steakhouse is now, and has for a long time been, the place to go for a nice sit-down dinner, but there’s a lot more to brag about. More square footage is a starting point but there’s much more to be said.

Ambiance: Morey’s took the former George K’s restaurant and turned it on its head. The initial remodel was only a few walls short of being a complete tear down, or so it seemed, and now they are in the final stages of even more dining room and convention space right on the river. The western theme inside is cowboy enough for me but the addition, though less formal, brings the outside right inside the dining area. If the weather is cooperating there are giant doors that will raise up and down based on the conditions.

Seating: Here is a place with the most comfortable seating you’ll find anywhere in Mini-Cassia. It is my understanding that this was accomplished when a local seating manufacturer invested in the restaurant, making all the seating improvements. The booths are particularly comfortable, but the tables and chairs fit my tall stature as well. A big part of my life over the past few years has been eating at the Morey’s buffet while attending the Burley Kiwanis Club meetings held every Wednesday at noon. Even when they have two or even three groups having meetings in the dining room, Morey’s is big enough to accommodate them without any fuss.

Noise: You will find that with any group having a luncheon, there is always a tendency to chat with your friends at your table. This noise is totally acceptable, especially because there is always a corner to be seated at away from any rambunctious diners. I love the fact that there is no kitchen noise, a testament to a well-designed facility.

Bathrooms: I would place the Morey’s bathrooms to be on par with other restaurants this size. They were spiffed up during the initial remodel and are kept clean throughout the day. I’ve never seen a line, but when there are big crowds dining at Morey’s you’ll want to be strategic about when you step away from your meal for a potty break.

Service: Most of the time I’m at Morey’s I serve myself at the buffet and salad bar. The serving staff is quick to get our beverage order but beyond that we dish up our own plates. It’s a good way to overeat because there are always multiple main course dishes on the buffet. If you’re like me, you’ll want at least a taste of each of them.

Food: I’m particularly inclined to dish up the shrimp and Salisbury steak off the buffet, but it’s all good. I don’t think I have ordered off the Morey’s menu for a year or more but don’t overlook their extensive menu. I’m not a sushi eater but I’m told that Monday is sushi day. I’m told it is excellent, but since I like my food cooked, sushi is not for me. If you order off the buffet line there is an extensive salad bar as well as soup, and even soft serve ice-cream and cookies.

The cost of your meal is right in line with most of the quality restaurants in Mini-Cassia. The lunch buffet is always a good value, especially if you are a hearty eater. If you like to have a drink with your meal, Morey’s has a full bar to serve your favorite spirits.

Morey’s is owned and operated by Tracy and Naomi Morey. You can hardly pick a time when one or both of these dedicated owners isn’t at the restaurant taking care of their loyal customers. The hours are Monday – 4-9 pm, Tuesday – Friday – 11:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturday 4-9 p.m. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.

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