Pizza Hut

One of our past regular dining spots was the Burley Pizza Hut restaurant, located in Burley. Going way back to the “Book -It” program the national chain does where Pizza Hut would give teachers reward coupons for students to reward them for accomplishing their reading goal. It gave us a reason to take them into the store for a personal pan pizza.

Ambiance: There isn’t a lot that can be said about the ambiance of a Pizza Hut Restaurant. When the stores were freshly remodeled and spruced up they looked great, but that was many years ago. Our experience at the Burley restaurant is probably similar to a visit any of you would have. Plain and simple sums it up.

Seating: The Burley Pizza Hut restaurant has both tables and chairs, equally comfortable. One of the things I noticed was the fact that our tabletop looked really tired. It was once a pretty oak top with a shiny clean top but this table we were seated at was kind of a downer. We took a clean towel and tried to wipe off what looked like a sticky conglomerate of spilled soda and pizza crumbs, but our towel came away just as bright and white as it started. Was it possible that this table was just showing its age? After our own ‘is it clean’ test we went right back to enjoying our meal, satisfied that the table we were seated at wasn’t anything to worry about.

Noise: The lunch crowd wasn’t very talkative, and the result was our ability to have a nice visit as we devoured our personal pan pizzas. The restaurant capacity is pretty small but even when the dining room is full the noise level isn’t bad. There was little kitchen noise, short of overhearing a discussion about how long it took to get to a delivery at 300 South.

Service: Pizza Hut is one of those restaurants where one sits wondering just how much of a tip is appropriate. Aside from taking our order followed by our meal coming out ten minutes later, there is very little service expected or given. This isn’t offensive to me because I wasn’t expecting much. I did appreciate a soft drink re-fill, but I made it pretty obvious that’s what I wanted by setting my glass so close to the edge it would be impossible to not pick up on the fact that I wanted a refill.

Food: Our minds were set on three things when we decided to eat at Pizza Hut, their salad bar, their personal pan pizzas and breadsticks. To our good fortune they have a lunch special that will give you all three, plus two soft drinks for about $17. We had to box up one of our orders of breadsticks because we just couldn’t find room for them in our appetites.

The personal pan pizza is much more food than it looks at first glance. When added to a salad bar where you get to see how high you can pile your lettuce, you will quickly realize that the salad plates really aren’t as small as you thought. The breadsticks are best eaten when they are warm, so we set one order aside and shared the other. We ate the second order later as an evening snack.

The Pizza Hut lunch specials are an excellent value. If you are worried that your group is too big and therefore beyond your budget, I would say look again. They have specials for dining in as well as take out that would only set you back three or four dollars per person – unless you have one of those teenage mutant kids who devour you out of house and home – in which case you’re on your own.

I usually also rank the bathrooms but this I completely forgot to do so I will leave that up to you.

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