I feel that doing a restaurant review on a fast food joint to be somewhat of a cop-out but nevertheless this week’s review is about Wendy’s. It is somewhat ironic that while eating at Wendy’s this week we saw a number of kids and families from the Bear Lake area who were headed to the Treasure Valley for a football playoff game. One family had jerseys made up with their family name “King” on the back. As a matter of discussion my wife mentioned that one of our nephews had married a girl with connections to Bear Lake who also had the last name of King. As it turns out, the woman we were visiting with was her older sister. Small world!

Ambiance: it has been some time since either my wife or myself has stepped through the doors at Wendy’s. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the inside has been updated nicely. All of the clutter of drink machines and utensil counters is gone, replaced by streamlined areas where we could get napkins, ketchup and straws.

Seating: No surprise here. We had our choice of tables and chairs, but they were well spaced and clean.

Noise: Wendy’s is right on Overland Ave, has lots of windows that could transmit sound from the highway into the restaurant but that wasn’t the case. The kitchen staff was considerably quieter than most, especially around the noon hour.

Bathrooms: I’m happy to report that there are two bathrooms and they were both very clean. The problems with aging restaurants is that the bathroom is what it is. To their credit, the bathrooms were clean and without the build up of cleaning products that often build up around the base of the sink and the toilet. Though seating capacity was one with an additional urinal, there was a deadbolt on the door to afford you perfect privacy.

Service: There isn’t any to speak of. They do a nice job of keeping the dining room clean and the floors swept or vacuumed.

Food: I was pleasantly surprised with the presentation of my Dave’s Double hamburger and my wife, Cheryl, enjoyed her chicken sandwich. It isn’t often that the meal at a fast food restaurant looks like the meal they promote on television and on their in-restaurant signage, but Wendy’s pretty much nailed it for me.

Value: I thought Wendy’ was a good value at $18

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