This week’s food review is about the Subway on South Overland in Burley. With my wife out of town I decided to go with a change of pace and give Subway another try. It has probably been ten years since I have ordered anything from that Subway location.

Ambiance: Though this Subway is an older store in terms of time open, they have done a nice job of keeping it fresh. I didn’t feel like the place was dated or stale from a position of ambiance. This is a small location but you can eat here with confidence that you’ll be comfortable.

Seating: This is fast food and the result is a combination of hard benches and hard tables and chairs. I took one look at the hard benches and decided to get my meal to go. Though I arrived after the lunch rush, the tables were clean and well wiped down from the lunch rush. Not every restaurant does this in a timely manner.

Noise: The sound of the air conditioner was about the only thing I heard while in the restaurant.  Again, with the small dining room size it would take a pretty noisy crowd to make any impact on your lunch or dining experience.

Service: As with most all fast food, there is no service. As you order your sandwich you’ll snake down the line choosing your bread, meats and condiments but that is the end of the service. You’ll fill your own drinks. Though there isn’t a lot of extra attention placed on you while you eat your sandwiches, don’t pass up putting something in the tip jar for the hard-working employees.

Food: As I mentioned earlier, it has been forever since I visited this restaurant. I can’t explain exactly what caused me to drop it from my lunch rotation but on a recent road trip we ate Subway food a couple of times and it really hit the spot, motivating me to get back to this restaurant and give it a second chance.

I was surprised when I got to the end of the line and found out the sandwich I had ordered was the sandwich of the day and with it I was able to get a bag of chips and two cookies for no extra charge. If you go to this Subway store don’t forget to ask them what their sub of the day is – it might help you score a little extra food for no additional charge. 

Parking shouldn’t be a problem because the other half of the building where Subway is located is vacant. If there are too many cars you can park in the Kings shopping center and only add a few steps to your walk.

Bathrooms: The bathrooms are small but clean.

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