After driving past the Burley Burger’s Etc. location for what seems like a thousand times I made a left turn off Overland Ave. and had a wonderful lunch. There are two Burger’s Etc. locations in Mini-Cassia but this review is specific to the one on Overland Ave.

Ambiance: It is always a nice surprise to walk in to a well run restaurant so walking in to Burger’s Etc. this time put a smile on my face. This is a fast food restaurant to be sure but the experience is anything but fast food. Having waited too long to have lunch here it took us a few minutes to decide what to order. The staff were very patient with us and didn’t hurry us along which was memorable. They even brought out a sample of their bread bowl soup, which looked delicious, but it’s not what we were in the mood for that day. The restaurant was so clean you could have eaten off the floor, literally, but I chose a booth. As we enjoyed our lunch my wife pointed out how perfectly clean and streak free the windows were. Really, who looks at the windows? It was yet another affirmation that if they are so interested in keeping the windows spotless, everything else must be that clean or better.

Seating: There is a combination of booths and tables but we chose to sit in a booth. One warning to all you long-legged diners, watch out for the pole supporting the table. I smacked my knee as I slid into the booth as a reminder that not everything is sized for tall people. The booths were a little cramped for a person my size but they were clean and we stayed put even though there were other tables and chairs available. I love the fact that some of their tables have western saddles in place of the traditional seats, a fun change for the young ones that love something unique.

Noise: This restaurant is right on Overland Ave. but there wasn’t any street noise to worry about. Likewise, with the kitchen – there wasn’t a party going on in the back and the result was a pleasant environment. I liked the piped in music that played in the background which I prefer to a local radio station blasting their commercials the entire meal.

Service: As I mentioned above, the staff was very patient with us as we pondered what to eat. Beyond ordering the food, Burger’s Etc. is a limited service restaurant as are most all fast food restaurants. You place your order at the counter, pay your money and they call your name when the meal is ready. I don’t expect anything more, but it wouldn’t be too much to ask if they were to bring the tray out to us when it was ready, especially when the restaurant was slow.

Food: It is nice to report that the food was excellent. I had the shrimp basket and Cheryl had the halibut basket. Both orders came with so many fries we were unable to finish them. Both the fish and the shrimp were excellent and the fries were right up there with McDonalds, maybe even slightly better. The basket lunches are a good value and you will get plenty to eat. Though we didn’t order a shake, this is an excellent place to order one. When I have ordered a shake in the past it came brimming full and was expertly made. Strawberry is my favorite.

Bathrooms: There are two bathrooms, each with the ‘either sex’ sign on them. Though they are on the small side, the seating capacity is one, so size really doesn’t matter ; -) The bathrooms were spotless, well stocked with supplies and private. Some people won’t love the fact that they are either sex use but that’s how it is at home so it shouldn’t matter. Five stars for the bathrooms!

Value: Our baskets came with lots of food and made for a good value. Their soda is about average in cost and the balance was reasonable for the quality of food that you will be served. The breaded shrimp was as good as I’ve had at a fast food restaurant and was worth every bit of the $9 cost. Both meals with soda and lots of food came to about $22.

My advice is to break your fast food habit and put Burger’s Etc. back on your regular lunch rotation. That’s my plan.

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