It was back to one of Burley’s most successful fast food restaurants this week, located on North Overland Ave. Arby’s is in its own category of fast food with its signature roast beef sandwiches but the marketing moguls at Arby’s Corporate are constantly innovating with new ideas for delicious food. For my part, I’m always ordering the same roast beef and swiss sandwich because it just hits the spot.

Ambiance: It’s hard to give a lot of style points to fast food but the Arby’s dining room is bright, clean and as comfortable as you can get with a corporate restaurant that leaves little room for any original décor.

Seating: Arby’s has both tables and booths. None of them padded but remember this is a fast food restaurant and it’s not really meant to be a place where you loiter and sip your soft drink as you wait for your food to come out of the restaurant.

Noise: In all my time dining at Arby’s I haven’t ever had a time where I could hear the kitchen staff from the dining room. Even with a room full of people it isn’t a particularly noisy place.

Bathrooms: Here I am happy to report clean and comfortable bathrooms, well maintained and accommodating.

Service: As a fast food restaurant Arby’s is very efficient, getting your food served quickly. I have had to wait a few minutes on occasion when I ordered their signature curly fries, but that’s a good thing. I would much rather have a warm serving of fries that took a minute to come out of the fryer than a quick serving of cold fries. The nature of their pre-cooked roast beef sandwiches is that the meat is roasted in advance, making the preparation time more about building a sandwich than cooking one.

Food: Arby’s roast beef is just like nothing else anyone offers. The inclusion of other meats on the menu has given diners a lot of new options. The “We have the meats” campaign does its best to introduce us to every new menu option. My wife is partial to their summer offering of market fresh sandwiches. The Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich is always her first choice and she is disappointed when the season changes and it is no longer offered. It does give her something to look forward to the next season.

In a way Arby’s has sort of boxed themselves in by doing roast beef so well but I believe their marketing has helped them promote the fact that they have new offerings. Roast beef, chicken, pork, and turkey are all offered on an Arby’s menu. If you can’t find something you enjoy eating you are just too darn picky.

The cost of Arby’s food is right in line with other fast food in the area but with the Arby’s coupons, often found in the Weekly Mailer, there are some excellent values. If it’s been a while since you have been to Arby’s, give it a new look.

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