You may have noticed that we have repeated several previous restaurant reviews. When this happens, we try to mark them so that you would know they weren’t new reviews. AS we check restaurants off the list it becomes harder to think of new restaurants to review. I would ask you to let me know where I haven’t been so that we might get to them for a review.

Denny’s is a restaurant right smack dab in the business district on North Overland Ave, and we have just driven past it without giving it a thought. This week we made a point to go inside and enjoy their food. The nice thing about a franchise like Denny’s is that the food is always pretty even keeled. A menu item in Burley, Idaho tastes the same as if you were at a Denny’s in the Pacific Northwest so there is less risk that your meal will be a dud.

Ambiance: Denny’s has done a fantastic job of integrating the local history and scenic beauty of our town. Above the booth we were sitting at was a thirty-foot-long banner of the Snake River with Mount Harrison in the background. It was truly something remarkable to see. Other wall décor further emphasizes local buildings and destinations.

Seating: There is a good mix of tables and booths of various sizes in Denny’s. Though we were there for a late lunch, there were still lots of people enjoying their food. Chairs and booth seating were equally comfortable, enabling us to have a pleasant afternoon lunch.

Noise: There is a music track playing over the speakers, but it isn’t so loud that we need to shout to hear each other talk. There was zero noise from the kitchen, as it should be, and the staff were quite busy and didn’t have a moment to stand around and distract their customers. Denny’s is on a busy road, but it was hardly noticeable inside.

Service: We had good service. It appeared to us that there were just two in the entire restaurant to wait tables with one or two more in the kitchen. Our meal was pretty quick coming out but it sat before us daring us to take it on without utensils. Once we asked our server it took 2:12 for two sets of silverware to be handed to us. We didn’t see our waiter very often but since we didn’t need anything from him there was no reason for him to be interrupting our lunch to ask if there was anything we needed.

Food: I will admit that I was expecting a mediocre meal to be placed in front of me, but what I got was a nice surprise. I had the french toast slam, consisting of four half slices of french toast, two eggs, two sausage and two bacon. I should say that the bacon was the best I have had in recent memory. It was perfectly cooked, relatively thin and absolutely delicious. I think I could have sent everything else back to the kitchen and just had 19 servings of bacon. My eggs were perfectly cooked over-medium, which is just what I had asked for. My french toast was fine but nothing to celebrate and the same goes for the sausage.

Cheryl had the Club Sandwich which came out beautifully divided into four quarters making it easy to eat. Her French fries were perfectly cooked, and the serving size was generous. It wasn’t difficult for her to eat every last morsel.

Bathrooms: The Denny’s building is new enough that the bathrooms shouldn’t be anything but well cared for, and that’s exactly what I found. They were clean, well stocked and even smelled fresh. I would score them just under perfectly presented.

Value: Our meals came to $24 which represented a good value for the amount of food served. The addition of a couple of soft drinks inched up the cost of our meal. The menu prices are generally well representative of the average you will find at nearly every other restaurant chain in Idaho. The local ownership of our Denny’s is doing a good job of keeping our restaurant affordable while making sure it will be around for years to come.

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