After about a year of dining around town it came time to revisit the Upper Crust Restaurant in Heyburn. We were not disappointed, having had another wonderful dining experience.

Ambiance: There is something charming about the Swiss Chalet style that is the Upper Crust. The Gossner Cheese company did it right when it built the building and even though the restaurant is not run by the cheese company, it benefits from some advance thinking by the Gossner company.

The Upper Crust is one big open room on the second floor of the cheese store, but the high ceilings and large windows bring in plenty of light and offer great views of the river.

Seating: Perhaps the biggest booths in town, the Upper Crust has wide padded booths that would easily accommodate six adults. They are showing a little wear but are extremely comfortable and offer plenty of privacy from the diners in the next booth. If you would prefer a table there are plenty to accommodate a party of two up to as many as twenty or more if you put some of the tables together.

Noise: We dined late and shared the restaurant with just one other table. There was no obnoxious noise coming from the kitchen and with so few people eating lunch at 2:30 in the afternoon you could practically hear a pin drop. Even with a good crowd the design of the building absorbs a lot of sound so noise isn’t an issue. The restaurant does sit on a busy corner in Heyburn that gets a lot of truck traffic but the windows are well insulated and there is practically no noise from outside.

Bathrooms: Separate Men’s and Women’s bathrooms that were clean and comfortable. There are also restrooms on the first floor should you encounter a crowd.

Service: You won’t get a lot of service at the Upper Crust and by that I mean there isn’t a dedicated wait staff. You will order your meal at the front counter and once you’ve paid you will fill your own soft drink or water glass. It’s your prerogative to sit wherever you want in the dining room. When your food is ready a staff member will bring it to your table but that’s about all the service you’ll get. We were checked on a couple of times but had what we needed. If you want a soft drink refill you would fill it yourself. I should point out that this lack of table side service is not a problem and I promise you won’t feel cheated.

Food: We hit a home run with our lunch orders. The menu itself is relatively simple but has sufficient variety to allow you practically any option for soups, sandwiches, salads and burgers. Cheryl had the half a sandwich and a cup of soup special while I ordered one of their half pound hamburgers. Both meals were nothing short of delicious. I love a hamburger that was prepared with care. Unlike a fast food burger, Lisa the cook made a masterpiece that allowed me a taste of everything with each bite. The bun was toasted slightly and had a wonderful texture and the bacon was perfect.

I don’t know what they use to batter the fries but it is delicious. I probably could have had a plate of fries and been content but then again, I wouldn’t have wanted to give up that burger. The soup and sandwich were also well prepared. The chef was happy to substitute whole wheat bread instead of the sourdough Cheryl’s sandwich would normally be fixed on. The cookie that is included in your meal was the perfect finish to a beautiful meal.

Value: Our lunch was just over $20 making it a good value.

Service – As I mentioned above, there isn’t a lot of table side service but you won’t miss out on anything because of it. Our food was on our table within about 12 minutes of us sitting down.

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