Farmer’s Corner

I wouldn’t have thought that I would end up having lunch at Farmer’s Corner for one of my food reviews but my friend, Commissioner Bob Kunau, suggested it as a possibility. If you haven’t been inside Farmer’s Corner in a while you are missing out. Gone is the stale look and feel of a country market and in its place is a nice modern, though small, grocery store and restaurant. I would put their candy aisle up against anything at Stokes, Smiths or Walmart, but we were there for lunch, and it was pretty darn good.

Ambiance: Always famous for their catering, Farmer’s Corner puts together a great lunch. However, it is a country market where you can buy fuel, food and a myriad of other crafty items. The kitchen takes up about a third of the space and there are four good sized tables to sit at. When we were there we saw firsthand the casual environment where friends could sit and chat about the weather. I like the very idea of this less than formal environment to share a meal with friends.

Seating: Though plentiful, the tables and chairs aren’t the most comfortable but maybe if they were too comfortable nobody would get up and leave. They were clean and had all the trimmings you need right at the table as you sit down.

Noise: Here again, this is a convenience store, not a fancy restaurant, so don’t go in and sit down expecting a quaint quiet meal. The kitchen staff was having a blast and that conveyed out into the area where the diners eat their meal. I think that instead of this annoying me It rather made me smile that their work environment was such that they could enjoy each other as they worked.

Bathroom: If there is a bathroom, I didn’t see it. I guess I should have asked.

Service: You order your food at a service window and find a seat. Drinks are self-serve and they do charge for refills. When your food is ready they will bring it to your table. It’s not luxurious dining and you won’t have a problem with it.

Food: I went into this location with tempered expectations. On one hand Farmer’s Corner is a fantastic catering outfit, so why wouldn’t a person expect something great, but it isn’t known as well for its in-store dining. What I discovered, at least where their hamburgers are concerned, is a great, not fast food burger. They have pizza and sub sandwiches along with chicken and more. I’ll have to go back to review those choices but concerning the hamburger, it was really good. On top of the great taste, my lunch special was $5 and change and that included a drink. This is definitely a great value for lunch if you are willing to drive a couple of miles south of Burley.

Located on the corner of Overland Ave and 200 South, Farmers Corner is almost always open and it’s a great place for a quick stop for milk, a loaf of bread or a pretty darn good hamburger.

Cost *

Bathroom  ?

Service  n/a

Food quality  ***

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